Herdex International Corporation is a privately owned Filipino company established in October 1981. It was founded by Filipino Lawyer and Industrialist Jose C. Hernandez and his wife Virginia whose vision was to promote Filipino craftsmanship through the manufacture and export of Filipino Mahogany solid timber doors in the world market. Through hard work and dedication of craftsmen and enthusiastic management team, the company has established a solid reputation among its many customers overseas. In a short timespan Herdex International Corporation has carved its own market for its high quality doors through importers and distributors.
Herdex International Corporation produces solid timber doors, jambs, windows, mouldings, joinery product such as handrails, ballusters, staircase stringers, and risers. The company also manufactures architectural wooden products such as columns, corbels, cornices, fireplace mantles, arc tramsons and decorative casings. All of our products come from the famous and durable hardwood Philippine Mahogany. It is known for its dimensional stability and subtle beauty as well as its uniformity in grain and color. Painstaking attention to detail from selection and matching of woods to the intricacies of the smallest carving exemplified by its unique and strong construction has made our products a work of art with the Old World feeling and New World technology.
Many of our craftsmen have had several years experience and expertise in the art of wood carving and carpentry assembly. Through its year’s operation, the company has nurtured the skill of talent of the Filipino Craftsmen. Through the years, their skill and talent have been refined to masterful excellence. Each design is carefully worked to exacting standards using the aged old tools of the woodworking artisan. They represent the best in design and workmanship that truly reflects the company’s vision of creating products which will form part of a legacy and a tradition in the woodworking industry.
All of the products are guaranteed to be of good materials and workmanship, free from detects which wood render them unserviceable or unfit for the use for which they were manufactured as provided in the limited warranty. Proper handling and finishing is specifically made a condition of warranty. Every piece of our product has passed our strictest standards of quality through a meticulous process of quality control and inspection during the production stages. Our seal of excellence is your assurance of our commitment to you.