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Herdex International Corporation produces solid timber doors, jambs, windows, mouldings, joinery products such as handrails, balusters, staircase stringers, and risers.
The company also manufactures architectural wooden products such as columns, corbels, cornices, fireplace mantles, arch transoms and decorative casings.
All of our products come from the famous and durable hardwood.

Handcarved Doors

Painstaking attention to detail-from selection and matching of woods by its color and grain.

Panel/Glass Doors

Each door is made completely from solid timber hardwood.

Mouldings & Joinery

Various items include skirting boards, casing and brick mouldings, wall claddings, mouldings in mahogany windows and door components.

Handrails & Balusters

Products include balusters turned to profile, handrails, stringers and risers from solid or laminated Philippines Mahogany.


Comes in knockdown pre-fitted components (crown, post, and base) that are very easy to assemble.

Corbels & Cornices

Specific styles being suitable for suspended arches and canopies.

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Herdex Gallery

The timeless beauty of Herdex doors lives in these elegant reproductions. Each carefully crafted piece comes from the world’s premier hardwood Philippine Mahogany, well known for its subtle beauty and uniformity of grain, as well as for its dimensional stability and durability.